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A visit to the Utah Belt

Just added a great gallery of photos of Eric Brooman’s fantastic Utah Belt railroad.  As I was proofing the gallery I noticed just how great Eric’s use of color is across the entire layout.  Just look at the thumbnails and you can see that every scene has a cohesive color scheme. Everything blends well. There are some really – just beautiful scenes on the UB.  Check it out!

Big Lou’s galleries added

I’ve added two more galleries based on my Big Lou’s Grill diorama, which was actually FOS Scale Models’ first kit way back in 2002.  (Seems like forever ago!)  There is an image gallery with some pithy commentary. A tip on the image galleries: if you click to view the first image it will launch the image viewer.  The comments on the main gallery page also show up in the viewer, so you can simply use the arrows to scroll right […]