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A new beginning for an O L D site

My Work came to be way back in the early days of the interwebs, before Y2K (remember!?), before MySpace, Facebook, and Youtube.  The old site went through a couple overhauls as I learned to code, but has remained fairly stagnant for the last 10 years.  At the time there just wasn’t a great way to share model railroad related pictures and meet like minded travelers.  Sure that were Yahoo! Groups (RIP), but I needed more! So long story short, I built the site around my early love of George Sellios’ F&SM railroad – which I was fortunate enough to visit a few times.  I added some structures of my own and tried to document the creation on my never finished layout.  Then came marriage and 3 kids and my modeling (and website updating) time ground to a halt.

Life changes, priorities change, and the internet changes. We had Myspace, then Blogs, then Facebook. Building websites changed and now I find myself behind the curve instead of ahead of it.  I belong to many Facebook groups and a couple forums, but I still long for the freedom and creativity of doing my own thing. Hence this shiny new responsive website. This time I’m letting WordPress do most of the heavy lifting though.    I’ll post more about the site and what’s to come, but for now – I’m back and I’m glad you’re here!

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