:: 10.1.10 ::
Posted a new video from Vic Smith.

:: 9.30.10 ::
30th NNGC Galleries are up.

:: 8.20.10 ::
CSS07 galleries are back up.


:: 8.20.09 ::
Vic Smith Gallery posted.


:: Upcoming ::

::Grimm's revenge: Grimm's gets a new diorama home and a lot of special effects.

::More Brian Nolan pictures.

::More F&SM pictures.

::A fleet of taxis.

::A fleet of busses.

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In other NEWS... 

My biggest news of all! 

Little Isabella Grace Gidley was born March 14th 2010.  She's five months old now and is starting to love to grab everything! 

The next set of pictures that will soon be added to the Prototype Galleries is "Railtown 1897" in Jamestown, CA.  Lots of great old time railroading there...
:: 9.30.10::  UPDATES

It only took me a week to get Grimm's ready for the 30th National Narrow Gauge Convention, but it so consumed my life that I've been glad to take a break! 

We had a great family trip to the convention and got to see and meet lots of great friends and modelers. It was a great experience! 

As I mention in the Ken Patterson gallery, I was so impressed by Ken's workspace that I started organizing and reworking my work area almost as soon as I got unpacked.  I rearranged space to make a permanent home for Grimm's and built some shelves to hold paints and other tools. 

Other than that, I've been working on editing all of the pictures I took at the convention and building the pages to add them to the site.  Finally, all of the NNGC galleries are done and posted and I can relax.  What's that?  A broken link!  And that!? That graphic looks horrible!  Ok, maybe I have a lot of work to do here yet. 

I've started updating some of the older pages and taking care of a few site issues.  I don't really have a layout to work on, so I'm going to reorganize the site to more focus on smaller projects.  I still have a huge Grimm's update to finish and post and also have more F&SM pictures to wade though; more Brian Nolan pics to post; a few prototype galleries, and....    the list goes on. 

Thankfully, I love to work on the site and I love to share pictures with other modelers.  I am looking at redoing my Pola station kitbash and entering the current MR contest.  Contests seem to give me a goal and a deadline, both of which I need, so I like to enter things. 

Anyway, enjoy the pictures! 

As always, there's more to come...  ~Matt Gidley


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