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Grimm's Build: The Diorama Case

For these build pages, you can read comments about the picture and then click the picture to enlarge it. An easier way to work your way through all the pictures would be to click on the first one, which will launch the viewer.  You can view the picture, read the comments and then just hit the NEXT arrow on the right side to go through all the rest of the pictures.  At the bottom of each of these build pages, there's a link to go back to the "Building Grimm's Part II" main page, or you can click the "On to the next step" button to continue going through the build process.

Either way - enjoy!!~MCG

It always starts on paper. Here are the case plans.

Here is the required hardware. Handles for each side, hasps for the front cover, and parts for the rear door.

Once the plywood was cut to size, edges were rabbited.

Basic components mocked up.

Here the top view block is in place and the speaker cutout has been made.

The top view block hides the scene lighting, but is hinged for easy access to lighting components.

Here is the back compartment; which is hinged to provide access to all under-scene components.

When the rear hatch closes there is a magnet to keep it closed.

Lots of flat black paint later... Ive also added the grille cloth for the speaker.

Thin masonite panel was curved around the sides and rear for the backdrop.

The backdrop print, which I made and customized on the computer is now in place!