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Grimm's Build: The Cemetery

For the amount of tombstones I would need I had to make molds and cast lots of extras.

I went with one piece molds. Here are the masters in the mold box.

To capture all the detail I painted on a coat of silicone first.

Then I would finish the pour. I didn't have a pressure pot at the time, so I'd knock the molds and use hot air to degas.

Here are some masters and copies ready for painting.

I used a standard grey primer for the base color. Fast and cheap.

I moved the stones around, trying to find a rational placement for them all. Trying to balance art versus realism.

Here's another view I wanted to set up. Lots of moving around was done!

It took a long while to get all the stones placed were they looked best.

A variety of lighting effects keep things "alive"