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Grimm's Build: The Bay Window

The bay windows was yet another time consuming deal. I haven't done an over abundance of scratch building stuff so it takes me longer to think through how I'm going to do something. I'm getting better though! I started with a cardstock floor in the shape I wanted and then cut the brick from an old casting. I had these three window castings lying around and they looked perfect. To get the angle on them, I decided to use round wood stock in-between.

Same shot from above. The end pieces were rectangular stock. Getting these three materials to stick was a major headache - so I went with epoxy again.

The roof is the same shape as the floor only cut from styrene. I did a square wood bit first and then cut the cornice piece to fit. Grrr.... there has to be a better way to cut that stuff!

Here is the the top after being glued together.

You can see my handiwork on the corners where the moulding meets. I had to do a lot of carving on the right side to get things to fit.

Altogether now! I added some styrene and wood strip to trim out the panels over the windows.

Here the brackets are cut to fit in. They added a nice touch I think.

painted the brick my original red and the rest Pullman green. The braces are gold and I was testing red and gold on the top panels.

Gold it is! I ended up using that as an accent color in a lot of places. Victorian houses are full of gold! Here I've weathered the bricks up to match the rest of the building.

Crappy pic, but it shows the roof from the top. I used black acrylic paint with a little plaster dust for texture.

Well, as I mentioned in the wall section, I wanted to have an interior for the bay window area. I had no time, so I decided a big black square would have to do.

This si the inside of the window. I HATE cutting acetate to fit window castings. I hate it. Okay, now that you know that, we can move on. The top windows are all done up like stained glass. I think I'll do a little clinic on that as I th9ught of that technique myself. Then I glued in window shades.

Here's the final product! I dry brushed a bit of white on. and blackened the gold parts.

The stained glass is shining! Now we need to make a conservatory!